Tell Me, Do You Read?

Tell Me, Do You Read?

While "Justice League" might have been a could-have-been-better movie -- thanks to the embarrassingly high overdose of forced camaraderie among the characters (beside other things), it managed to change my favorite character into a could-not-have-been-worse character: Batman, as portrayed by Ben Affleck, who, otherwise, based on his role in BvS, was an almost-perfect Batman, notwithstanding the unfounded Batman-does-not-kill argument. 

Not only is Ben Affleck's BvS Batman (subjectively) the greatest Bruce Wayne / Batman to date, his portrayal makes Batman look like the God of Superheroes. Unlike Bale, Affleck's Bruce Wayne doesn't regret being Batman. He doesn't wish to be forgotten. He is Batman pretending to be Bruce Wayne. 

'We're criminals, Alfred,' he says in the movie. Not because he is a criminal, but because "after 20 years in Gotham" he already knows "people hate what they don't understand". He refuses to carry the burden of people's ignorance; there's his philosophy. Of course, it's not as explicitly stated as the god-damn brilliant Joker-dialogues in The Dark Knight; and, probably, it is this lack of ready-to-consume knowledge for thoughtless regurgitating as quotes on Social Media for the want of likes, that did not go well some people.

Affleck's (BvS) Batman is intimidating; he's brutal; he'll do whatever it takes to save humanity; he is so focused, unrelenting, and well-prepared, he makes it easier to believe that Batman can be the last man standing among fallen gods.
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